screen details & specifications


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Aludean launched its first decorative screen in 2004 as part of ‘Float’; a design collaboration between Aludean and Jack Merlo. ‘Float’ won gold and best in show at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show that year. In 2005 it went to Chelsea and became the first Australian entry ever to be awarded gold there.

Since its inception, Aludean has built a diverse and original range of beautiful and stylish designs.

We’re proud of them and so Aludean has a strict policy of registering its designs and protecting its intellectual property.


Standard materials for Aludean’s screens are: mild steel, Corten steel and aluminium. We are able to supply in other materials such as stainless steel, plywood, plastics etc... upon request.


The standard size for all of our screens is 1.2 m wide and 2.4 m high. We can also supply in custom shapes and sizes up to  1.5 m wide and 3 m high in aluminium and mild steel and 1.2 m wide and 3 m high in Corten steel. The standard thickness of our screens is 3 mm  with a maximum possible thickness of 10 mm. The standard width of the pattern border is 30 mm.


Standard finishes are rusted Corten steel, raw mild steel and powder coated aluminium.

powder coating

  1. Powder coating offers a broad range of colours and textures to our screen designs. You can view a colour chart from Dulux or order a colour chip from Dulux from their website. This finish offers only minor corrosion resistance when used on a steel substrate and so we only offer it with our aluminium screens. For coastal or poolside use we recommend the Duratech finish which is guaranteed by Dulux for 10 years.

rust finish

  1. Corten steel is a high tensile corrosion resistant steel that is ideal for architectural and sculptural applications. Unlike mild steel once a surface layer of rust has formed, the rusting process stabilises.

  2. For durability, reduced run-off and brush-off of the rust finish we recommend Corten steel but are happy to supply mild steel in the rust finish.

  3. All rust finishes will produce some run-off if they become wet. It is recommended that rust finish only be used where run-off will not cause problems. For interior environments with low humidity and UV exposure we can apply a coating that leaves the colour and texture of the rust finish intact. This coating does not seal the surface but does significantly reduce staining, run-off and brush-off when used on mild steel. We do not recommend using any surface treatment on Corten steel after rusting.

  4. We can also offer a rust powder coating finish onto aluminium that will not produce run-off or brush-off.

raw mild steel

  1. We are happy to supply our screens in raw mild steel. This is the most cost effective option and allows you to use whatever surface treatment you desire. All raw mild steel screens will have minor scratches from handling and may have minor surface rust. Raw mild steel will rust, and continue to rust. Powder coating, even with zinc primer and undercoat will not prevent steel screens from rusting.


Screens that are to be mounted on a wall can be supplied with welded brackets that allow for a gap of 5 cm between the screen and wall. We can also pre-drill holes to your specification.

Most other applications will require a framework for mounting to and screens that are to be used overhead will require ribs to reduce sagging. We are happy to recommend a contractor to fabricate an appropriate framework and install your screens.