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Since 1997, Melbourne sculptors Dean Colls and Louise Skacej have worked collaboratively to produce a distinctive folio of artworks for both the private and public sectors.

Merging their different backgrounds, skills and approaches has allowed them to produce a broad spectrum of work from figurative sculptures to minimalist poetic landscapes in a variety of materials, including concrete, bronze, steel and fibre-glass.

This diversity also reflects a fundamental intention to approach each project as a new enquiry, creatively investigating and engaging with all the elements: client, audience, site, budget and their own creative vision without superimposing a preconceived aesthetic. The Artists are driven to get to the heart of the matter and create artworks that invite the viewer to respond to and interact with their environment in new ways.

Louise and Dean are at home with a wide range of materials and methodologies spanning traditional figurative techniques to modern rapid prototyping technologies.


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