The universal allure of the portrait comes from it’s shared humanity. At it’s best it reveals not just the subject but an insight into the nature of the human condition.

It can be formal, sombre, sensual, playful and humorous - it is about much more than capturing the physical likeness of a person.

Portraiture is perhaps the most intimate of all sculptural forms and the process of its creation can be an emotionally loaded one, most especially when creating memorial sculpture.

Ideally, we develop a portrait from life or from our own reference photographs of the subject. With memorial sculpture or historical subjects this is not possible and in these instances we can also work from family photographs or historical sources.

Due to the personal nature of much of our portrait work we are not able to include all of it here - please contact us to discuss your project and view our previous works.


Charlie Ellis - bronze - 1999

Sir John Monash - wax maquette - 2016

Explosive Dog Detection Team - wax maquette - 2015