This work was produced with Melbourne Sculptor Peter Corlett for an all access playground in Bayswater Park. Care has been taken to fit within the requirements of the legislation and the special needs of the parks visitors without “dumbing down” the aesthetic appeal of the subject matter.

The voluptuous forms offer opportunities for tactile exploration, climbing, sitting and imaginative play.

We produced the ears in industrial rubber for safety, durability and the unexpected tactile response when a person first grabs onto them.

In 2003 “Hippos” was awarded the CCAA Best Public Artwork Award.


Two years after the installation of ‘Hippos’ ‘Fluffy’ was added to the Bayswater Park menagerie - a concrete play sculpture of a Merten’s water monitor with richly sensual forms and textures. In the adjacent sand pit a clutch of eggs is hidden offering a moment of true discovery to intrepid  park users.

Both ‘Hippos’ and ‘Fluffy’ have become much loved members of the local community.


Hippos play Sculpture - collaboration with Peter Corlett - concrete and rubber - Bayswater Park Melbourne - 2003


Fluffy - concrete play sculpture - Bayswater Park Melbourne - 2005

play sculpture