The Kapyong Diorama was commissioned by the Australian War Memorial in Canberra in 2006 to become a keystone exhibit in it’s new Post 1945 Conflicts Gallery.

Extensive research, including working with veterans and their families and a visit to the battle site in Korea, formed the basis of this depiction of a pivotal battle from the Korean war. The figures are portraits of real men placed within a historically and emotionally accurate  setting.

The installation includes an audio track of Ray Parry (one of the men depicted) remembering the night of the battle. Key points in his narration are underscored with subtle lighting and audio effects.

The curved backdrop was painted by Melbourne artist Jenny McCracken.

kapyong diorama

Kapyong Diorama  -  polychrome bronze, mixed media, sound and light components  -  Australian War Memorial Canberra - 2006

Kapyong Diorama  - detail - 2006